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First In Service: Clover Forest Strives to Keep Our Country Lanes Pristine

Clover Forest Plantation Staff Members Donating Time to Protect the Environment

Ever engaged on behalf of the environment, here Clover Forest co-founder Sebastian Volcker along with two trusty canine assistants (hard to see in the photo) and photographer Deidre Jane (also hard to see in the photo ... being behind the lens and all ;-) are shown displaying the "fruit" of a recent road clean-up day.

For over 15 years, the elegant eighteenth century Colonial American historical farm, located in the rural southwestern region of central Virginia's Goochland County, has held a road clean-up permit with the Department of Transportation. "It's vital we all participate to help our area keep its unspoiled natural beauty," says Jane. "People have referred to this region to me as 'God's Country' and our road in particular, Whittcamp Road, route 618, as the epitome or embodiment of that pervasive, tangible feeling that exists here. We are privileged to be in this magical place and to donate our time in this effort."

Virginia's Adopt-a-Highway program is open to individuals and groups interested in keeping the Commonwealth's roads beautiful. More information is available by calling 1-800-PRIDE-VA, or by clicking here.

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